Joy For Mourning

Kathy E. York, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Personal/spiritual growth, communication skills, adoption resolution, grief/loss, divorce recovery

Premarital screening, marriage enrichment, conflict resolution, mediation 

Parenting, attachment and boundary issues, adolescence, "launching" children, grandchildren

Multi-generational families,  caregiver stress, end of life issues 

My Approach

I partner with individuals/families in a relationship of mutual trust and respect to assist them in solving their problems. When working with couples and families, I often work from a structural/strategic orientation. When working with an individual, I often use a Solution Focused approach. Virtual sessions are available through the HIPAA compliant platform

About me

I've been providing therapy to individuals, couples, and families in a variety of settings for twenty years. I've also reared four children of my own and assisted in caring for multiple grandchildren. Additionally I cared for my parents through the decline of their health until their passing.

Getting Help

I respect each client as a human being with personal and unique needs. I do not tell clients what to do, but I will assist you in thinking through the options and possible consequences of your decisions. I help to facilitate the change that the client(s) choose, but the responsibility for change ultimately rests with the client. 




Self Esteem




Anger Management


Kathy helped me to gain a healthy perspective, work through loss and grief, and restore my spiritual well being.

Mary, Age 28

New Orleans

Tel: 504-323-5276

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm


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